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The Ralph Lauren baby and kids clothes
Ralph Lauren's baby and kids clothing and accessories, where timeless elegance meets the whimsical essence of childhood, crafting a legacy of style for the younger generation. Explore how this iconic brand has seamlessly blended sophistication with playful designs, setting a high bar in quality and craftsmanship, while nurturing a fashionable yet comfortable narrative for our future trendsetters.
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By Chris Drake
10 Powerful Things to Say Instead of Stop Crying
We’ve all said it, or at least thought it. ‘Stop crying! Just stop!’

Or maybe

“Shh, everyone is looking at you”

But what happens if I told you that whenever you dismiss or minimize your child's sensations, you make your work harder. 
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By Emma Yu
12 Working Mom Tips to Make Life Easier

Being a working mom means staying up to date with job needs while managing the house front. This is no simple task! This task takes preparation, organization and also efficiency. The change back to work from maternity leave is hard and can take an emotional toll on a new mommy.

If you are feeling terrified and nervous, you are not the only one! I have actually been there. Via my journey back to work, I discover 12 tips and hacks that made the change from stay-at-home mama back to working mom a lot easier!

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By Emma Yu

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