An ordinary mom who has a Master Design in Fashion Design trying to survive everyday life

I have a confession to make; I'm not a very organized person. The whole of my teenage years, my mom keep telling me to tidy this up, chuck that stuff, etc. After becoming a mom myself, I changed alot because there is no way of getting through everyday life without being a little more organized. So I started my long hunt for the perfect diaper bag. I found some on the internet, however they are either good functional bags with NO STYLE at all or ok looking bags with not enough space and compartments. This is when Babylooloo is borned! My aim is to create the most practical diaper bags with elegant and chic designs. I believe in "Look Good, Feel Good" It's not just an old adage, looking good can actually improve your mood, and make you healthier :)

Emma Yu - Founder of Babylooloo
Our Mission Statement
To create a better everyday life for all parents.

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